Activities at Helmeringhausen Hotel


While staying at Helmeringhausen Hotel, you can take part in a number of activities like guided farm drives that show you the great scenery of the 11,000ha Farm Helmeringhausen, bird watching in our garden and relaxed sundowner walks.

Helmeringhausen Hotel Activities

Be active at Helmeringhausen Hotel

Nature drives (Guided)

The hotel is part of the historic 11,000ha Farm Helmeringhausen. Farm Drives / Sundowner Drives are usually conducted in the afternoons and continue for about 2½ hours (Departure 15h15 Winter, 15h30 Summer). You will be impressed with the scenery, explanations and interesting facts on our fauna and flora. Some of the Game which could be seen are, Kudu, Springbok, Ostrich, Duiker, Meerkat, Bat eared fox, birds.

Hiking & Sun Downers (Unguided)

A five minute walk takes you to a nearby hill where we've created a relaxed setting with some chairs and tables. Take a bottle of something with you and enjoy the beautiful sunset. Suitable for all ages.

Bird Watching

Birding in the beer garden is a popular pastime. The weavers' nests are a source of constant enjoyment and activity.

More activities at Helmeringhausen Hotel or in the vicinity

Tennis Court

Tennis can be played on our tennis court; keys can be obtained at the reception of the Hotel.

National Monument

The old German Police Station at Chamies is approximately 20 km's away. The graves in the area are well maintained. Trips can be arranged or guests can enjoy a self-drive outing.